Derek Underwood, Ex Cricketer Dies at the Age of 78

Derek Underwood, a renowned spin bowler in cricket, died peacefully aged 78. Underwood, who was known for his left-arm fast spin delivery style during a career spanning two decades and made England’s top spin bowler, is best-known for his fast spin delivery. Underwood was born and raised in Kent County. He dedicated 24 years of his life to Kent Cricket before he made an indelible impact on the sport both nationally and internationally.

What makes Underwood stand out in cricket history?

Underwood’s style of bowling was unique among spinners in his day, earning him the nickname “Deadly”. Underwood was known for his ability turn quickly on wet surfaces, and trick batsmen to play carelessly against. He took 2,523 wickets in 30 years for England between 1966 and 1982.

What was Underwood’s contribution to England and Kent’s cricket success?

Mes Underwood was a key player in Kent’s dominance of the English county circuit during his entire career. He helped win three Championships as well as two One-Day Cups. He also won three National Leagues Cups and three Benson & Hedges Cups. He was equally impressive on the international stage, most notably during England’s Ashes victory over Australia. Underwood scored seven wickets and 50 runs in that test.

What are the highlights of Underwood’s international career?

Underwood’s career as an international cricketer was marked by many highlights. Underwood made his debut for England aged 21. He quickly established himself as a key member and recorded 17 five wicket hauls and 6 10-wicket matches hauls throughout his career. His most notable performance was during a wet Test match against Australia, which helped England win with a final bowler’s delivery.

How did controversy affect Underwood’s career?

Underwood’s career wasn’t without controversy. Underwood’s career was not without controversy. His participation in Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket, and leading an illegal tour of South Africa led to a three-year suspension from international cricket. This was due to the chaotic nature in which cricket played in the late 1970s to early 1980s. Players often found themselves in conflict with cricket authorities on issues such as play conditions and pay.

What legacy did Underwood leave behind?

Derek Underwood has left a legacy that is unparalleled in the world of cricket. The International Cricket Council Hall of Fame induction speaks volumes about his contributions and the high regard he received globally. Underwood served cricket even after he retired as a player. He was president of the Marylebone Cricket Club in 2008, and Kent president in 2006 Underwood’s name will remain synonymous with spin bowling for many generations.

What is the reaction of the cricket community to Underwood’s passing?

Derek Underwood’s death has caused deep sorrow in the cricketing community. Former players, fans, and commentators have all expressed their sorrow at the death of Derek Underwood. His integrity and spirit made his one of England’s best cricketers, and his place in history will be forever secured. Simon Philip, Kent Cricket Chairperson, noted that Underwood’s contributions will leave a huge hole in the cricketing community and within Kent Cricket. His contributions secured his place as one of his predecessors as he brought England glory.

Derek Underwood’s exit is a sad moment in the history of cricket, but his legacy will continue to live on as future generations strive to emulate his success on the field.

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